Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mother's day

still no baby - had contractions this morning but now nothing ...

happy mother's day to everyone

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Bridal Shower Saturday

So today I am going to my first Bridal shower ever and I will not know a single person there other than the bride to be. It's at a restaurant where hopefully there will be something that I can actually eat that they serve and it's about an hour away in a town I don't think I've ever been to. Oh yeah and parking is either parallel parking or park two blocks away. Mind you I'm about oh I don't know 38 weeks pregnant lol. I'll figure it out when I get there I guess hopefully I will find a close spot and yeah.

Other than that I don't have anything planned for today. Maybe I'll do some scrapping - we shall see what the day brings.

Friday, April 30, 2010


right now: 7:47pm
at: home
doing: nothing

so today i get a letter that my disability was rejected like i'm lying that i'm pregnant right and i'm totally not having a baby RIGHT .... ughhh i think it's that my job sent it too early so now they have to resend all the paperwork again and who knows how long it will be before i get paid, this really really sucks

it's hot as hell outside.

a bird pooped on my shoulder yesterday - good luck my ass

one more week and this baby will be out of me - i want it to happen and i don't want it to happen. does that make sense lol, why am i even scared i don't even know. but i am. i just hope it goes smoothly.

it's friday i'm bored, hot and tired

Friday, April 16, 2010

Fantastically Slow Friday

Right now: 2:07pm
At: Work
Doing: killing time before my 2:30 meeting

Tummy grumbles - you know what that means (and no I'm not talking about hunger) hahaha.

I'm so ready to go home - was finally comfortable this morning sleeping - which believe me has been harder and harder every day. Missed my alarm and my mom had to wake me up, I could have been late but for whatever reason i wasn't - I was actually just on time. I don't know how that happens I could leave the house late or early and still get here at the same damn time. It makes no sense whatsoever but anytime going home will ALWAYS take a whole hour. Go figure!

Next week is bring your kid to work day - my daughter is 3 and doesn't fall into the recommended age category - but she came last year. Makes no sense as my kid was not the one being bad. Makes you go hmmmm. It's OK it's the day before my last day before I go on leave. Only thing I'm worried about is going 4 weeks without getting paid. Thank god I have money in savings otherwise I would really be fucked. I don't like being a single income family. I wish my man made more money than I did then my life would be easier but he doesn't and it's not. Life is never easy. Ever.

Volcano in Iceland, sinkhole in Richmond California swallows empty car, Israel bans the Ipad - these are the subjects of today's news online. The pictures of the volcano are pretty cool, although I don't think I would like to be that close or close enough to get a picture as good as some of the ones I've seen - I mean people do realize it's an ERUPTING volcano yes? Idiots I tell ya. It's like a tsunami hits and you want to stand on the water to watch - like hello mcfly anyone there?

Who else noticed the back to the future reference in the last paragraph? hehe. Bored and I still have fifteen minutes before my meeting which I know is going to run late and I want to leave on time which is at 3:30. Maybe I should email my stuff now so I don't have to worry about it after the meeting. This guy is cool and all but his one second leaves me sitting in a chair in his office staring out the window while he talks on the phone for half an hour. Yeah not cool. One thing at a time buddy and that's how you get things done in a timely manner.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

terrible thursday

Right now: 1:55pm
At: Work
Doing: Fighting the black spots I keep seeing before I get a migraine

Do you know about Post Partum depression - that's like after you have the baby depression, do you think there is prepartum depression? Some say maybe I'm just hormonal but really I'm just tired of the bullshit. It's just been a really bad day - sad day - hard day.

Right now I'm trying to fight this headache away and be able to see through the spots.

I'm hungry - I want some real food - some fulfilling food, something yummy and decadent - any suggestions? I'm beating the hunger with a dilapidated snickers bar - what does that mean you ask well I'm eating a snickers - hold the chocolate, hold the caramel, hold the nougat ... in other words I'm eating peanuts and you know it's just not as satisfying as the real thing. You know I always eat the whole peanut first before I eat the ones that have split from their other halves and are lonely - do you know what I mean is that weird?

I officially have a headache now.

So I saw a real life Kindle today - and no I want one. Really really want one. Like my birthday is in June and I'm going to go home and ask for one haha.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Right now: 10:14am
At: Work
Doing: Trying desperately hard not to fall asleep

It's Friday - thank god finally it has come around. I'm falling asleep because still I have nothing to do. It's sad and depressing and very hard to look like you're busy even though you really aren't I mean how many times can you look at your email and at the mainframe without actually doing anything on it just looking and poking around. It's pathetic really. I wish they would just let us go home early ever since new management came on we lost all our Jewish holidays and we lost our early leaving on Fridays so technically I am working an hour overtime everyweek but getting paid the same - it really sucks. That's why I make sure to always go out during lunch because I don't want to be stuck here for an even longer time, for what I need to get out and get some air and stuff, cause this place is just too boring for words.

Everyday while I sit at work I'm bored and so I start to think of the things I want to do when I get home, so I make up a game plan - but let me tell you none of them ever come true. It's sad but true. I just can't get home and do stuff that I think about there is always other stuff that gets in the way. Usually it's the little one and her wanting to stay outside all day because it's nice out. She's too silly.

Movies I can't wait to see - SATC2, Twilight: Eclipse, Iron Man 2, Harry Potter

Books I'm looking forward to - The Unwritten Rule (as soon as I find it), Forget You, Burned (House of Night Series), and Linger.

Parties I'm looking forward to - my shower, Isabella's Birthday party, my Birthday

I need to do some crafting - I want to try my hand at a stuffie - wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Doctors Galore

Right now: 9:57am
At: work
Doing: Watching Alias on my Ipod and blogging, no work to be done

So today I have a crap load of doctor's appointments - 3 to be exact which is more than enough for me. I'm just killing time at work until I have to go. My appointments, you ask, are at 2:30, 3:00 and 4:45 sounds like fun I know. Well I supposed because of my age, weight and race I was one of the lucky ones to have Gestational Diabetes which sucks because that means I have to poke my finger four times a day (my finger hurts) and I can only eat at certain times and certain foods. All in all it sucks and I can't wait to get this over with so I can have a big bowl of Ice Cream and some Outback :-)

I miss Outback!

Back to my appointments - every week, once a week I must get an ultrasound, then I need to get a monitoring test of the baby's heart beat and kicks, and contractions if any. Then soon right now twice a week will be the reg doctor's visits. it's annoying and tedious and just another thing i have to do, only good thing is that I get to leave early from work once a week that's always a major plus.

You know the people around here really irritate the hell out of me. They will run around in circles and choose not to help when needed instead they blame it on someone else and ask that they do the work. I'm so annoyed with these people, there is no team work, there is no help you really are only out there for yourself and no one else. The world really is just dog eat dog. People are annoying. Ugh I can't stand them and then they talk about crap they don't even know what they are talking about. i think we should get rid of all supervisors and everyone be a boss themselves because the middle management is just useless. Period.